Our Mission

Our mission is connecting people with others and with God.

Our Vision

INTRODUCE people to Christ
INCLUDE them in community
INVOLVE them in ministry

Our Values

Biblically Based

We believe that the Bible is God's written direction, given to us to be our guide in a Christian life. All of our teaching is based on principles revealed in the Bible, intended to equip and inspire people to become living examples of Christ.

Authentic Community

We believe that true growth happens best when believers get connected with other believers. Only in the context of authentic relationships can people feel connected, deepen their faith, develop spiritually, receive care, and get involved in accountability.

Relevant Environments

We believe that each environment at WFA should be intentionally created to connect best with its target audience.

Team Ministry

We believe that ministry functions at its best when done by a team of people utilizing their personal gifts in an area of service. We believe that every Christian should be placed on a team according to their strengths and that every team should be strategically involved in the mission of the church.

Outward Focused

We believe that we exist to draw those who are living outside of a relationship with God into a relationship with God by being living examples of His love. We take seriously Jesus’ command to tell the world about His love.


We believe that everything we do will reflect the God that we serve. Our God is incredible and our desire is to represent Him in the best possible way.

Our Location

Community Events

For upcoming concerts and events, please click on the following link:  http://www.klove.com/events/local.aspx.

June 8 - Need to Breathe (Pabst Theater)

June 28 - FREEDOM FEST featuring Mandisa (New Life, Janesville, WI)

July 10 - LIFEST (Oshkosh)

August 4 - Mercy Me with Hillsong Young and Free at 7:30 pm (WI State Fair)

Community Job Openings

Lakeland Supply, Inc. is looking to hire a Full-time Delivery Driver.  Please contact Richard Suhar at 262.549.6800 ext. 211 for more information.